November 2019
1. The iconic Lotus Tower adds glamour to the city

Rising above the city landscape, the iconic Lotus Tower is a majestic presence that reflects the culture and heritage of the country.

2. Delightful South

The charm of quaint beachside towns, heritage sites, and nature’s surprises can only be discovered on a trip down south.

3. Nightlife in the city of Colombo

Colombo at night is lively with music, fashion, and delicious cuisine. The nightlife offers socialites the space and ambience to unwind.

4. Candle trees of Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

The candle trees are a captivating sight with slender, yellow fruits resembling votive candles.

5. Secrets of indigenous Ayurveda oils

Ayurveda oils, one of the oldest remedies in the ancient system of healthcare, is an embodiment of purity and goodness.

6. An interesting holiday in London

London is rich in history, art and culture. It is a melting pot of diversity. There is much to see and do on a holiday in London. From the Tower of London – the oldest landmark in the city – embark on a journey of discovery.

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